Materia oscura

Drone, Dark ambient
Mene Savasta, Antonio Savasta
2018 – now
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Mene & Antonio Savasta are MATERIA OSCURA. As siblings they have always collaborated in their artistic productions. Since 2015 they have been presenting themselves as an experimental duo, exploring the possibilities of improvisation to build minimalist atmospheres and drones, dark ambient textures.

Mene & Antonio Savasta son MATERIA OSCURA. Como hermanos siempre han colaborado en sus producciones artísticas. Pero desde 2015 se presentan como un dúo experimental, explorando las posibilidades de la improvisación para construir atmósferas minimalistas y drones, texturas dark ambient

 Materia Oscura en WIP!, CCMatienzo, 2019.

The 2015 DARK MATTER North TOUR took place like this:


08/10 feat. Steve DiGregorio in Philadelphia online performance through PERISCOPE

08/14 Kristen time at The Chickadee, Dorset, Vermont.

08/22 Gutter, Brooklyn, NY

08/25 Mene performs at Spatial Sounds, Fridman Gallery, Manhattan, NY.

08/27 «Trauma Salon» at Panoply Performance Laboratory, Brooklyn, NY.

08/28 With Tomás Jensen and Damian Nissenson at the LABO, Montreal, Canadá.

08/30 With Tomás Jensen and Damian Nissenson at Le P’tit, Montreal, Canadá.

09/03 Montana´s IdioGallery, Brooklyn, NY




Antonio Savasta Alsina is an experimental and self-taught musician. Improvisation cuts across all musical projects in which he has participated, characterized by the pursuit of limits of sound and innovative sonic textures.

Some notable projects are the bands Los Dientes, The Metal Cyborg Experience and Falo da Merda. He also was member of R353 an electroacoustic improvisation group, part of the art collective MARDER.

He edited EPs with his bands and solo projects under the pseudonym Scumfuck.

Founder member of the interdisciplinary collective COCO. He organized events and exhibitions organized in Mar del Plata, in places like Mundo Dios and design festival TRImarchi.

His main instruments are guitar and the use of electronic means with aesthetic purposes.

+ projects

2016/2019 _Album. AV Performance, Light installation

2009/2014 _Band

2008/2014 _Band

2008/2011 _Free impro a/V project

2008/2012 _Solo Project

1993 / Band